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While pesticides used by licensed professionals in the United States are generally considered safe when handled and applied properly, as insects grow increasingly tolerant and resistant to these treatments, greater quantities of these chemicals must be used to get results. At the same time, the increasing spread of bed bugs drives amateurs and scam artists into the industry, hoping to save some money or make a quick buck off of someone’s misfortune.

Unfortunately, this can lead to the gross misapplication of pesticides, and the lack of skill in handling them can leave harmful or even lethal doses of bed bug pesticides coating every surface of a home, including cutting boards, silverware serving dishes, and tables.

With these risks in mind, some are turning to so-called all-natural pesticides and mixtures that are advertised as having devastating effects on bed bugs. It is important to remember that natural does not inherently mean safe – Nightshade, Scorpions and Rats are all-natural too, after all. And with many of these bed bug control solutions being home-made concoctions or backyard creations, many have not undergone any testing by the EPA, FDA or any other regulatory board.

Why take the risk, when a 100% safe alternative exists in the form of thermal pest elimination? The heat treatment process and equipment allows us to eliminate bed bugs and many other insects, rodents, vermin, and other hazards without exposure to toxic or harmful solutions. No chemicals, toxins or pesticides are used in our all-natural bed bug extermination techniques, so none could cause any risk to you and your family. Environment-friendly electric or propane heaters are used inside or outside of your home. And this heated air offers additional side-benefits: Killing many viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi just as it eliminates bed bugs and other pests.

The Cost of Bed Bugs

The days of tenting and dangerous chemicals are over.

Heat is a technological and environmental breakthrough that is proven effective in non toxic pest control. Heat is not new. In fact, it has been used to rid structures of pests since the 1900s. But today, as Methyl Bromide continues to be phased out and other chemicals become less appealing, heat is gaining popularity as a natural pest control product and recognition as a viable and safe alternative to chemicals and fumigants.

Free Bed Bug Inspection

Find out where bed bugs are hiding in your home or business.  We offer free inspections before your service to ensure that we treat all affected areas.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment

Our trained technicians will come to your home or business and perform our highly effective heat treatments.  This treatment will last 8-24 hours and the rest of your home or business can remain operational.

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Rob does a great job, always on time and always makes the appointments scheduled. The employees are all awesome to work with. Great customer service! I recommend to anyone who needs their services.

Wendy R

My tech is awesome! Najee is very professional and always has a smile on his face. He always gets the job done.

Roxanne A

I had used HeatBedBugs when I was managing an apartment complex, for bed bugs and roaches, the results were fantastic!!! So, good that they were the first company I thought of for my own personal use. I called up Rob and he came out and treated inside and out. I recommend them to all my friends and apartments that I know.

Julie M