Bed Bug Elimination
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Rob Suckoll

Owner | Heat Treatment Expert

Hi! I’m Rob, I have been in the pest control business since 1993.

I began my career in Hawaii where I protected the mega resorts from pest infestations and kept tourists and residents safe. From Hawaii, I moved back to my birth state of Washington where I continued in the industry and learned how to service food processing and distribution companies. I protected many of the foods that you probably have in your pantry, as well as the restaurants that you currently eat at. This added a new excitement to my career knowing that I was keeping people around the world safe. After living in the beautiful Islands of Hawaii and enjoying the sun, the Washington wet weather finally got to me and I moved to Las Vegas. Talk about sun… I opened my own pest control company in Nevada and when bed bugs made a resurgence, I began looking for the best treatment for them.  I became the first company to bring heat to Nevada and quickly became the #1 leader in bed bug elimination. Due to the demand for our services, our company grew fast and we expanded to Reno. We eliminated 100% of bed bugs in one over night treatment and our reputation traveled fast.


Friends of my family moved to Spring Hill Tennessee. Upon visiting, I fell in love with the beauty of this great state. I went back to Las Vegas and began my exit strategy. I thank God every day for such a wonderful place to live where I can bring my talents and skills to help Tennesseans rid themselves of bed bugs. I love helping people and love what I do. I have a passion for making people feel safe and confident in their homes.



Rob and the HeatBedBugs team have completed thousands of successful bed bug heat treatments!

Leader of the pack

Rob was the first company to bring heat treatments to bed bugs in the Las vegas area, and now he’s bringing the revolution to Tennessee!

The Most Effective Options

Heat can kill 100% of bed bugs in one overnight treatment!  Trust us, there’s no other bed bug treatment that can complete!