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Thermal Pest Eradication

The #1 Way to kill Bed bugs

In just 24 hours!

Thermal pest eradication, known simply as heat, is an alternative form of pest control that involves safely raising the temperature of an affected area to a level no pest can survive.

Aside from being an effective non-toxic pest control method, heat is unique in that it can be used to treat specific areas or entire structures. The affected area may be a wood beam, attic, whole home, hotel bed or hotel room, large processing facility, or just about any area affected by unwanted pests.

We offer all of our bed bug heat services and rentals in Nashville, TN  and neighboring areas.  Please contact us to schedule your bed bug heat treatment today.

All Natural, non-toxic

and eco friendly

The Advantages of Heat Treatments


Safe and effective.


Works quickly without the need for multiple treatments for a single problem.


Saves money by reducing the number of treatments per bed bug sighting.


No need to replace mattresses and furniture


Rooms are operational within hours after the treatment instead of days or months with traditional treatments.

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Client Testimonials

Rob does a great job, always on time and always makes the appointments scheduled. The employees are all awesome to work with. Great customer service! I recommend to anyone who needs their services.

Wendy R

My tech is awesome! Najee is very professional and always has a smile on his face. He always gets the job done.

Roxanne A

I had used HeatBedBugs when I was managing an apartment complex, for bed bugs and roaches, the results were fantastic!!! So, good that they were the first company I thought of for my own personal use. I called up Rob and he came out and treated inside and out. I recommend them to all my friends and apartments that I know.

Julie M